Thanks to all who made it out to Edinburgh Castle on a Wednesday (bleah, right?) to enjoy our intimate Tenderloin-themed soiree. Awesome to have a crowd around that are in to the event and down with the hood because good crowd = good times. Also, an especially big shout out to fellow bloggers/twitterers who made it, since we so totally love “rubbing elbows with some of our favorite internet quasi-celebrities”: Eugenia and Jeff of Muni Diaries, Rachel of Fog City Notes, Sally of Curbed SF, Beth of Eye on Blogs, SFMike of The Civic Center blog, Jonathan of the Tenderloin Reading Series, Lauren of the Offbeat Report, Grrl in the city, Anna Pulley (who blogs & tweets for Mother Jones), Ray of VidSF, Sweet Melissa, generic, ohdottie, litso, semantric, Sir_Alton_Chic, precipiceful, lizzaymillah, themayorpete, brbuchwal and District 6 candidate Debra Walker.

And, of course, a big applause and a bow for the awesome people who volunteered to go “on stage” (more like a mic on the side of the room) to perform or tell a story: the Chinese Ballroom Improv group (who, by the way, are performing this Saturday at the Phoenix Theater Annex on 414 Mason for only $3, don’t miss them!), Abby aka Jam Hands aka Ukulele Girl (who totally rocked the party with her vegan song), the lovely Julie Michelle of Caliber & I live here:SF (who was gracious enough to give away some of her Tenderloin prints to the audience), Mark of Up from the Deep (whom we featured recently in the blog and who won our little competition in a very near tie with Jam Hands) and last but not least, Mark of A beast in the jungle (who had a seemingly never-ending rant about what he called the LCM).

Also, a big thanks to our friends at “the loin” for accepting to print some Tenderblog t-shirts specially for the occasion and coming to sell some of their other Tenderloin designs which a lot of people had asked us about. Apologies as well to Jeff of the “the loin” who was actually supposed to tell a story, but humin flaked when lining everyone up for the night. Stupid humin…

Lastly, just wanted to add how cool it was to meet our downstairs neighbor who didn’t even know that it was us writing the blog. Small hood this Loin. Thanks for being a fan from the beginning, man!

Enjoy the photos, which are not of the greatest quality due to the light, cameraphone, alcohol, etc. And sorry if we forgot to mention somebody, since lots of cool people showed up and we didn’t even have time to talk to all of them. Maybe next time. Should we have a next time?