For those who have been to France, whether it’s the atmosphere or the healthy dose of butter, there’s the solid calorie-laden fact that the croissants are damned tasty in that country. When back home (which is most of the time), I’ve found it pretty hard to find a good croissant (or most any pastry that isn’t some trendy agave-bacon-maple joke). Many say, “Oh, oh! Boulange, boulange! C’est très magnifique!” Um, yeah, I guess it’s alright if you’re standing in front of one and feeling lazy, but in reality, Pâtisserie Philippe is about the only place in San Francisco to get real croissants (or most any pasty that finds its religion to be butter-based).

There are a couple problems with Pâtisserie Phillipe. One is that it’s down at Townsend and 7th. I ain’t got no fixie, so that means I’m walkin’ and that’s a mighty far walk. The other problem is that it’s not terribly cheap. So enters, my local favorite:

Gateway Croissants. No, not Gateway Donuts or Gateway Cupcakes, but Gateway mutha-fuckin’ Croissants at Golden Gate & Larkin. This shop who doesn’t waste time with no stinkin’ website, puts out a pretty solid offer such as the chocolate croissant (don’t know what’s up with the top):

Or perhaps, just a normal croissant:

They’re both reliably good. Parisian? Well, not quite, but still very tasty. And at $1.70 for the regular/ $1.85 for the filled, also affordable, which is a lost concept in these “artisanal” times. I just wish that they were actually a tad on the smaller size as I’m not 20 anymore and one does indeed need to watch one’s figure, which is naturally tough when confronted by the other offerings at Gateway: