Our first TenderNight event at Edinburgh Castle is less than two days away and we’re full of excitement and anticipation. Not only because over 43 people have RSVP’d positively on Facebook (does that mean we have over 40 readers? yay!), but because the lineup for the open mic competition is shaping up to be truly awesome. We won’t reveal everything, since we’d like to keep some surprises up the sleeve, but we can already tell you that Mark Ellinger whom we featured today is going to be telling a tale of two about the central city. Also, the amazing photographer Julie Michelle whose I live here: SF series we all adore, has already announced publicly that she’ll be onstage. She’s also posted this gorgeous photo of the Alhambra building at Caliber today. She says it’s her favorite building in the Tenderloin, and it’s definitely one of ours too.

Photo by Julie Michelle

A little known fact about this 1913 striking building is that (according to local legend) once had Rudolph Valentino as a tenant. Apparently, he used the penthouse and dome as his San Francisco playhouse, where he could frolic with his paramours away from the bright lights and prying eyes of Hollywood.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to order the Tenderloin cocktail, of which we had a preview last week while chatting with Frank the bartender. It was delicious.

The Tenderblog cocktail at Edinburgh Castle