The other day, walking down Taylor street, I stopped by the ill-Boeddekker park (which has a well-deserved spot on the public spaces hall of shame) to take a picture. There’s a notice board by the often-closed gate, and I noticed this little map of Safe Havens for the Central City:

I have no idea why they decided to call it ‘the central city’, when it’s in fact a map of the Tenderloin. But it’s an interesting idea of designating ‘safety areas’ in the neighborhood where “kids, seniors, and the disabled can go to when they feel unsafe”. I guess other types of people, such as women, are not included in the list since there’s no chance they’ll feel unsafe here.

According to the Safe Havens website, which hasn’t been updated since 2008 so I’m not sure how reliable it is, there are 39 of such safe areas. And they’re recognizable by a neon-green sign with their logo in the window. They may be small businesses, offices, hotels or or churches – any community space willing to designate itself as a place of safety. In theory, some guy adding, “my pants” to the list would not be welcome.

Interestingly though, Morty’s Deli is one of actual spots on the list, and I have to say when I’m basking in their sandwich goodness I do feel safe indeed. Or at least very happy.