For those of you looking for wedding locations, I just stumbled upon a quite interesting one in the Tenderloin. No, I’m not talking about the City Hall (although it is mighty pretty). I’m talking about the streets of the Tenderloin. Naturally, this is not the first scenic spot that you would think of when planning an outdoor wedding in San Francisco, but somehow this couple pulled it off and it actually looks quite cool.

They closed off the block between Eddy and Turk on Jones street, put a few rows of chairs, flowers and a little stage for the ceremony. Somehow it also appears that they managed to ward off the ever-virulent guys who want to comment on everything they see since there are no, “What you doin’ here?” heard from the sidelined peanut gallery.

Photo by PKB Visions

In case you’re into hardcore wedding porn, there are a few videos documenting it. They are very shaky, so your eyes won’t be happy watching more than a few seconds, although a shot of whiskey may help counter the effects. But at the beginning of this one you can clearly see the mural at the corner of Jones and Eddy. We recommend looking through the pretty photos instead, though. That you can do without the whiskey.