Via our friends over at The Tenderloin Geographic Society, we received this Call for Art to go to the new Tenderloin Art Lending Library (TALL). Yes, this means art that can be borrowed as one might do with a library book, although probably not making the pages sticky.

TALL, the new Tenderloin Art Lending Library is seeking donations of original art. The donated works will be framed, cataloged and placed into circulation. The new Tenderloin Art Lending Library is a free service, building connections between tenderloin artists and their neighbors

What is TALL?
The Tenderloin Art Lending Library, (TALL) is a project for lending and borrowing artwork to Tenderloin residents, free-of-charge. It is a trust-based program where artists provide artwork to be checked out by any member of the Tenderloin Community, all in the spirit of sharing and celebration.

TALL recognizes the importance of multiple literacies: it is as important to understand the beauty of a musical phrase or the composition of a drawing, as it is to learn how to read or compute numbers. TALL is based on the belief that each person in the Tenderloin community can appreciate and understand paintings, prints, drawings and all forms of visual arts expression, TALL provides that opportunity.

Art Guidelines
No hate art. Art that denigrates any group of people will not be considered for inclusion in the TALL collection. Let’s keep it light hearted and pretty. This will be many patron’s first piece exposure to fine art at home, let’s make it an awesome experience

TALL is outreaching to several communities, living in SRO hotels, supportive housing or
small studio apartments. With this in mind, preferred image sizes are 4”x6”, 5”x7”, 8”x10”, and 9”x11”. 11”x14”. If you have a larger piece that you feel is a good fit for TALL, let’s talk about it.

TALL appreciates beyond words the generosity each that an artist makes when donating work. TALL will provide a receipt for your donation, certifying your have made a tax deductable donation to a no-profit organization. Furthermore each artist will be listed in the catalog and all promotional material.

North of Market / Tenderloin Community Benefit District (NOM/TL CBD) provides a wide range of support services for TALL; professional advice,
501c3 fiscal sponsorship, some funding and assistance with outreach.

For more information contact:
TALL Coordinator: Rick Darnell