In talking about questionable future museums and tourists in the Tenderloin, I realized that there is a simple way for any of us with free time and internet access to get more information out there to potential tourists: wikis. The primary Wikipedia article on The Tenderloin is decent overall. Maybe it could use a bit of a dusting off, I don’t know, although maybe you, gentle TenderReader do. But beyond this article, what could really use any knowledge nuggets you want to toss its way is the Wikitravel article on The Tenderloin. San Francisco is definitely well-represented on that side overall, but visitors can always use more information.

These two items give us a lot of control over what is said about the neighborhood. While obviously there will always be contention and disagreement, they work to create a body of text that is from here as opposed to some travel writer who has to cover all of SF in two weeks and sums up the Loin as “piss”, “don’t go there”, and “decent Indian food”.