I caught a MSNBC  special on sex trafficking a few days ago that focused on Sunflower Massage on Jones and Ellis. According to the report (which may have originally aired last year) Sunflower has hidden girls in walls and crawl spaces when inspected by police In 2007, SFPD found a crawl space with 12 beds in the parlor, evidence they say of girls living there, indicating possible sex slavery or trafficking.

As a Jones Street resident myself, I have to say I haven’t seen much activity around massage parlors. Empire (O’Farrell Street)  is usually pretty quiet, even at night, and I’ve only once or twice seen anyone coming or going into Les Nuits de Paris (Taylor Street). I realize these places don’t offer the kind of massages I want, but it was still a bit shocking to see them on television in a story on sex trafficking. I guess after seeing them every day, I kind of forget about what’s going on behind the doors. But just a little Googling finds a first-person story of sex trafficking at the Sun Spa on Geary and Hyde and NSFW reviews of other San Francisco massage parlors. I’m all for safe, sane, protected sex work, but this isn’t it.