Since January, I’ve become addicted to a cop drama on KOFY called “The Streets of San Francisco.” The show was shot on location in San Francisco in the 1970s: some areas, like Union Square, look quite different while others, like the stretch of Geary between Taylor and Mason streets, look almost exactly the same. Recently, an episode called “Superstar” showed the Tenderloin, with a plot point revolving around the Aldrich Hotel on O’Farrell Street.

In the episode, SFPD veteran Mike Stone (Karl Malden) and his rookie partner Steve Keller (a young Michael Douglas) escort a New York City cop (Paul Sorvino) around the city as he searches for the man who killed his partner. I’ve posted some stills from the episode below. The hotel looks very much the same today except the ground floor now has a Vietnamese restaurant instead of a locksmith. “Streets of San Francisco” was filmed between 1972 and 1978, but there has been talk of CBS remaking the show. So far, though, I haven’t seen any film crews.

SFPD agents Stone (Malden) and Keller (Douglas) are on the case, you can see the awning of the 441 Club behind Malden.

A SFPD cop calls in a disturbance at the Aldrich Hotel, seen behind him.

The stoolie runs, but doesn't get far. See O'Farrell/Jones intersection behind him.