About a week and a half ago (six months ago in blog-to-life time conversion), Mission Mission posted an article asking What’s the Best Laundromat in the Mission? An honest question with many an answer.

It got us thinking about the issue because while we have machines in our building, they suck–a lot (they’re these crappy top loaders) and we have to pop out every so often when we actually want our laundry to be properly cleaned on a longer cycle in a front loader. Sometimes this means breaking in paying a visit to hiphapa’s building who has proper front loaders. Other times it means braving the laundromats of the Loin, which can be an adventure straight out of a David Lynch film.

So, we pose the question to our TenderReaders, any laundromats that jangles yer spurs? Any that are a good deal as they all seem pretty damned expensive? Any that terrify you? We often end up at Rainbow on Sutter, mainly due to our shock of their having a website, but surely there are otherz that are more betterz?