For some reason, all the opening parties for new gallery exhibits seem to happen on Thursday. Um, there are some of us who don’t do much on Fridays and Saturdays… but, take tonight, for example. Just randomly, we came across three different events while going about our business. At Café Royale, every first Thursday of the month they have one. Tonight was Edward S. de Leon’s Departed Animal Spirits, partially pictured below.

Departed Animal Spirits exhibit at Café Royale

Almost next door to Café Royale, Timezone Gallery was also having an opening for Andrew Romanoff’s new drawings and paintings. And just a couple of blocks away, Space Gallery on Polk was having a big party for the Grain over Noise group exhibit, “A collection and celebration of analog photography” (apparently they even had a walk in Camera Obscura!) which must have been mighty fun once hitting up the bar they have there.

I don’t know if art galleries are unaware of this (as some of their media outreach is lacking), or if they just think that having tons of parties happening on the same day attracts more people overall. But personally I find Thursdays overwhelming. So many appetizers… so little time…