The other day an old acquaintance from Europe was telling me how much she’d like to visit San Francisco because of this song by Train, which I might add was not the reason I originally came to San Francisco:

And that’s when I realized that the first line mentions our dear neighborhood as a past lover:

I used to love The Tenderloin
’till I made some tender coin
then I met some ladies from Marin

The song is by no means about the Tenderloin specifically, but generally about San Francisco and it has some other amazing displays of poetic literature for the ages:

I never knew all that I had
Now Alcatraz don’t sound so bad
at least they’d have a hella fine merlot

But it made me wonder if there are many songs out there either about the Tenderloin or at least mentioning it in the lyrics and no, Scott McKenzie’s – “San Francisco” mentions little else beyond “flowers”, “hair”, and “wearing”. Anyone else know of any Loin lyrics?