So when I moved back to San Francisco after having lived in Manhattan’s Upper West Side for some years, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. The entire city felt small, the pace of life excruciatingly tepid. I was craving NYC’s energy, its amazing pizza, and being able to get absolutely anything I wanted (even just a cup of coffee and a donut) delivered at any time. It’s still hard to get a decent slice in SF, but thankfully, the Craigslist goddess smiled upon me and granted me an apartment in the Tenderloin which had enough street life to give me my city fix.

Turns out I’m not the only one. My boy Jason Hanasik needed a place after a sudden breakup and despite all his FB friends telling him otherwise, he chose to live in the Tenderloin. He says his apartment‘s hardwood floors and prominent fire-escape reminds him of West Side Story. Aww. I don’t know if Jason also moved here from NYC, but I really do like his place, seen above. (More pics here) He even has a poster of that hunky Civil War-era guy who would definitely be a model if he lived today. I think in the 1860s he was executed for treason. What a waste of hotness. Thankfully, Jason’s apartment  isn’t a waste of anything. Jason uses limited space beautifully, which is practically a Zen art form both here and in New York. Well done, Jason. Well done.