There are no monthly visual archives for our streets yet, so I have no idea how long Space Gallery has been around, but I’ve been meaning to check it out for quite a while without much success. The first time I saw it walking down Polk I thought it looked interesting, but their website didn’t have much information besides this sentence that really made me want to go to one of their events:

Space Gallery combines an art gallery with a beer, wine, champagne and soju cocktail bar to bring you a great atmosphere in a creative environment.

Unfortunately, their Twitter account is not active, their website claims to be “under construction” and thus only lists very few (random) events but not all. And I couldn’t find a Facebook page (only a personal account). Which is too bad because we hear that they have a lot of cool stuff going on besides art shows, of course. Such as movie nights the last Sunday of the month, or a vintage clothing sale last night according to Kayla (aka @kaybythebay) who is obviously much cooler than us. Check out the photos she posted on her blog Glitter for Breakfast.

And apparently she even bought communal, shiny, feathery hat complete with blue netting (pictured above):

Somewhere between the glasses of glorious sangria, epic bar conversations, and her purchasing a pair of to-die-for leather boots, we got the idea to buy a hat together. Like poor, bohemian best friends do. It’s sparkly and feathery and draped with netting. I have custody this month. I loved the art on the walls, the easy music, and the horchata flavored cupcakes I sampled. Just a lovely laid-back event at a fabulous gallery & bar.

So, dear Tender Readers, can convince Space Gallery to start promoting their events a little better so we can all start enjoying them in the not so distant sooness. I mean, I want to find out exactly which award their sangria has received and double check the certifications on that sangria award giving commission!