Oh dear. Mayhaps the rumors of the Tenderloin becoming the Trendyloin are true? According to SF Grubstreet, there’ll be a spiffy lounge with an outdoor terrace (brrr!) coming to 620 Jones Street in September. Yes, the same Jones Street which is plagued by nearly non-stop fire engine sirens. Sounds like fun, eh? I know there’s nothing I like more than paying for overpriced drinks while shivering outside and shouting over street noise. Add in some uncomfortable shoes and you’ve got hell-on-heels.

The chef at the new joint, which will be called Jones, is said to be Ola Fendert of Oola. That’s a little fancy-pants for this part of SF, but apparently Jones co-owners Peter Glikshtern and Jeff Whitemore are going to aim to keep it upscale yet mellow. Glikshtern, in case you didn’t know, has some actual street cred. He was opening businesses in the Mission in the 90s and once knocked out three thugs in a fight. I couldn’t find much on Whitemore but I’m guessing if he gets out of line, Glikshtern can beat him back in.