My mom always got on my case about not saying anything at all about something if you can’t say anything nice. To which I obviously say, sorry mom. In reality though, you need to make sure to say how something has been done better if you’re going to talk about someone in a not-nice way. Due to the negative review yesterday of a neighboring Thai restaurant, I thought that it needed to be pointed out that Lers Ros is a pretty damned tasty alternative to which The Bauer apparently agrees: “…I’ve probably had my best Thai meal at Lers Roi.”

We went over there a couple nights ago. I think the last time we’d been was easily more than a year ago which means that I completely forgot what “lers ros” means. Back then, we ate at it and thought, “Well, it’s okay, but not amazing.” I’m not sure if we just ordered incorrectly or they got a new cook, but now, it’s downright damned tasty. You can see the chicken and basil dish I got in the first picture, followed by the ginger chicken above, with a pork shoulder appetizer below that and a little sticky rice as a side.

By far and away, the pork shoulder appetizer was the star. That puppy was just flat-out delicious and a pure tribute to the pig from whence it came. My basil dish was also good though, albeit wickedly spicy. Much like the morning after a night with a “lady” of the Loin, I experienced a burning sensation for some time. The ginger chicken wasn’t nearly as spicy and just as full of nice strong flavors.

As to my aforementioned issues with service in the previous review, I don’t find Lers Ros to have service that blows me away, but they’re quick and attentive. Can’t really complain about that. Probably the only thing I would complain about is the craziness that it seems all Asian restaurants suffer from in that they love to have 100+ dishes on the menu when large bunches of them taste pretty much the same. That has to be one of the things I really love about Pagolac as they didn’t go this route, parred it down a bit and stuck to a series of dishes that they do really well. But, other than that, I’m pretty pleased with Lers Ros and find it to be my new go-to Thai stop in the Loin. Still need to get to The Old Siam as hiphapa claims it to be solid East Asian food.