The gang over at Mission Local has brought forth news that the SF Realtors have revised their SF property map. Those in the Mission have some definite grumbling points, but I’d just like to pick up on the fact that they’ve moved the “Downtown” border to O’Farrell when we all pretty much agree that the northern border is at least at Geary if not even Post.

About the only reason that I can think of for them doing this is the swanky Hamilton Apartment on O’Farrell which is huge, very nice, and seems to always have units up for sale. But it’s just stupid to post a building like that as being in “Downtown” because once someone comes to look at it, they’re going to see that it is very much in the Loin. I realize that agents do this to upsell places, but wouldn’t it make more sense to get people viewing a place for sale who are actually in to the neighborhood as well? There is a thing called the “interweb” and prospective home buyers do use it to check out a neighborhood before buying.

This of course isn’t the only problem with their District 8 map, although I agree with Civic Center stretching across Van Ness, yet not with it being the Polk/Van Ness corridor. The “Barbary Coast” denomination is just dumb (I’d feel totally Trumpish to say that I lived in the Financial District). North Beach has actually taken over the Jackson Historic District. And uh… while I’m shocked to see Western Addition actually show up on the map, where the fuck is Chinatown? To be honest, I’m surprised that they don’t have four neighborhoods for the entire Northeest section of the city: Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, and the Marina. Peace out to everyone living in “Lone Mountain” (wha?)