I live on Jones Street, which I like. One exception: the nearly constant fire engines and ambulances wailing down the street, often late at night. I don’t know why they like to use Jones so much. It could be that it’s a straight, low-traffic way to get to Market, and thus the rest of the city. Or it could be that their fire engines are actually attending to people further down Jones or near the famously drug-addled 6th and Market area. Random fact: despite my hatred of fire engines, I really like firemen and actually belong to a local credit union that caters to them. Sometimes at the branch there are hunky guys in gear making deposits. Yum.

Firemen aside, I found this piece in the Examiner that says the SF Moma’s expansion will make room for a new $14 million fire station on Folsom between 5th and 6th. According to the article, this would help take the weight off of other fire stations like station #1, which is at 3rd and Howard, which also serve “the Sixth Street corridor and Tenderloin neighborhood.” The article didn’t specifically mention my local fire stations (#41 at Leavenworth and Jackson, and #3 at Polk and Post) but given the number of fire engines that go straight down Jones, all the way to Market, I can’t help but think this new station will help reduce the number of daily sirens I hear. At least, it will when the new station’s completed in 2012. Until then, I’ll keep pausing the TV for 10 seconds when fire engines go by and try to tell myself I’ll miss that sound when it’s gone. This neighborhood is quickly gentrifying, and I’m sure someday I’ll talk about the good ol’ days when it had “personality.”