Seeing how much fun we had last year at the Muni Diaries’ “Riders with Drinks” and other similar local blog events, and seeing how some of you have asked about meeting up in person, we thought it was about time to have a TenderNight together.

Yes, dear TenderReaders, we want all of you to come and show your Tenderloin pride, and get drunk together, or whatever. Come if you are a fan of the Loin, currently live here, or are a former resident with fond, blurry memories of the glorious times passed (out) in the hood, or if you’ve just visited some friends’ apartments in the area for sporadic hookups; or if you are a local blogger/twitterer avid of content and networking (or both); or if you simply like parties and have nothing else to do. Whether you like us or not – we won’t judge.

Frank, the cool bartender at Edinburgh Castle has agreed to create a signature cocktail created specially for the event aptly named, “The Tenderloin”, and you’ll have to guess what’s in it–if your liver is brave enough to drink it.

There will also be an open-mic session to share stories about your favorite neighborhood, songs, rants, whatever you feel like. The audience will vote the best ones and we’ll have some awards for the winners.

And of course, there will be cool tenderloiners. Come meet your neighbors, no the other ones, no, wait, yeah, those ones you saw on the street that seemed cool. Come meet those neighbors. Those neighbors might rock and you don’t even know it yet.

Where? Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary (between Larkin and Polk)
When? August 18th, at 8pm
More If you want to perform or want to promote your Tenderloin business/art/music/etc during this TenderNight, contact us!