A few days ago, over at Eye on Blogs, Beth asked her readers “What is your favorite Bay Area mural?” Her personal favorite is, of course, in the Mission (at Taqueria Vallarta, if you must know). We chipped in via Twitter recommending one of our favorites in the neighborhood, at the corner of Golden Gate and Jones. But, on second thoughts, there are many others that we really like. Such as the one pictured below on Cedar street at Larkin, that we already mentioned here a few days ago.

Apparently it’s titled “Flores del Tehuan-derloin” (great title) and is the work of San Francisco artist (of Mexican origin) Jet Martínez. According to Tenderblog commenter Josh, it’s part of an SF Arts Commission project called StreetSmARTS to promote street art on private property so that it is less likely to be vandalized (taggers go to Hell). This particular mural is on a building that’s for sale, and the owners of the European bookstore aren’t sure if they’ll be able to stay (we have to confess we thought the bookstore had been closed for years, it never looked open when we passed by it so the news of them going out of business comes as a surprise…).

So what is your favorite Tenderloin mural?