For those living on select blocks of the Loin, you might have noticed new signs having popped up as of late to promote, “Living in the The Ten” and the 409 historic buildings in 33 blocks that comprise the Loin as the poster has decided. They seem to be there for the purposes of promoting this site and trying to create a new name for the Loin with “The Ten”. I think not. It’s the Loin or Tenderloin if you want to be proper about it. The Ten is just dumb and there’s no reason to replace a name that works so well with so many things: Civic Center & Tenderloin: Tender Center, Tenderloin & Nob Hill: TenderNob, Tenderloin & Union Square: Tender Square, Tenderloin & Art Academy: TenderTurds. Of course the list goes on and there’s no reason to try and pork “The Ten” in there. I feel like it’s being forced upon us just so that the dude behind these posters (who is also apparently behind the museum) can then copyright it and sell t-shirts, hats, and all the hey hey using this name. Whereas, with “the loin” no one can own that as it refers to a cut of meat and that’s solid… and tasty.