We want to reach you. You want to reach us. The touching part is completely optional of course, but just to make sure that Tenderblog is constantly broadcasting down your digital throat (and as we’ve launched a little bit of a redesign), here’s how to stay up on what we’re jabbering about because man, we’ve got some nice fat bits working their way through the pipes.

Because we update and engage regularly. Unless you’re a local bar who gets offended for being called out on bad service (yeah, we’re looking at you, Rye), we’ll totally call out good shit that you want pimped. This will then result in possibly retweeting, looking cool, feeling cool, and learning to love the tweet.

Yeah yeah, it’s like sooo 2008, but if you Fan our page, we’ll promise to make it worth your while. We don’t really know how exactly, but we’re sure that we’ll crowdsource the crap out of some kind of social media reward or whatever. Details are for suckers and people with fulltime jobs who can afford non-well drinks.

The Feed
Right, RSS feeds are totally oldschool, but so totally worth it if you don’t want to wait for us to sober up and start posting on any particular day. If you’re not hittin’ the feeds, then bow down to our information overlords and hook yourself up with some Google Reader love.