While we have no idea what was happening at the Civic Center on Saturday, we do know that yesterday, in addition to the usual Sunday Farmers’ Market, there was a Peruvian Food Festival. We passed by the Civic Center on our way to the IndieMart at Thee Parkside to buy some art and ended up with an awesome print by, “San Francisco is for carnivores” (which is totally obviousy). Fast forward a couple of hours and we passed by Civic Center again. We even did some shopping at the farmers’ market, but somehow forgot to check out what sacrifices to the gods of Peruvian meat were on offer. That’s what an hour of Mission hipster juicing does to you.

Fortunately, Slowpoke_sf* was there so we can see how it was and make a mental note not to forget about it next year.

Obviously, there was dancing

Any South American festival wouldn't be complete without some meat grilling

Peruvian national pride

Yum, Yum

And after this last photo, knowing the delicious meats I missed, I’ll have to venture down to Market at Guerrero to enjoy some $5 Pisco sours at Pisco Latin Lounge. If only Cantina in the TenderNob had a happy hour for the unemployed bloggers in the hood…

* Slowpoke_sf even has a video of festival attendees dancing a video. Don’t forget to check out his whole photostream here.