While we love all the cool art galleries that have been opening up in the neighborhood, namely Whitewalls/Shooting Gallery, Timezone, Heist, and whatever humin feels like flaunting out of the apartment window, we don’t really follow the local art scene so we always somehow manage to miss all their opening parties and cool events. We have to admit that we’re more opportunistic, drive by gallery patrons who mostly just look from the outside. But yesterday on our way home after spending the afternoon at Hooker’s grand opening party, we happened to discover a new art gallery that has just opened in the Loin: 941 Geary.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s located on 941 Geary (one guess as to where 111 Minna is as well). It’s just around the corner from Whitewalls/Shooting Gallery – who unsurprisingly are also behind this one-, in a space that used to be a Smog Shop as the front façade indicates. It’s an awesome 3,000 square feet with red brick walls, a wooden ceiling and a cool back entrance on Myrtle street. Let’s hope they’ll make good use of it.

They opened their doors just a couple of weeks ago, on June 26th, with an exhibit very aptly named New Beginnings. Looking at the pictures of New Beginnings on Fecal Face, it looks like a lot of the same works are now shown at the new exhibit, “As they see it” that we caught yesterday. According to their website, “As they see it” is:

a group exhibition composed of works that are concentrated in realism and figurative representation. As They See It aims to reflect an evolutionary trend in contemporary art and the growing momentum of conceptually challenging works with increasingly advanced use of media. This exhibition offers an exceptional collection of works that seek to incorporate a deeper exploration of mediums and technique.

The exhibition features works by Kevin Cyr, Jessica Hess, Isabel Samaras, Shawn Barber, Aaron Nagel, Eric White, Robert Burden, Coro, Dave Schubert, Jonathan Darby, Morgan Slade, Pedro Matos, Akira Beard, Danny Heller, Michael Forbes, Adam Caldwell, Scott Hove, and Derek Weisberg.

Our favorite piece, hands down, was Scott Hove’s cake-like pink chandelier with wild animal mouths attached to it. Go check it out for yourself! And until then, check out the photos I took at yesterday’s opening party: