Yesterday was a very busy day for us checking out all sorts of cool stuff in the hood. As you know, we went to Hooker’s grand opening party, where we stuffed our faces with addictive crawfish biscuits; then made a brief appearance at the brand new Geary941 gallery to check out the space, and last but not least we stopped by another exhibit opening party at the micro-gallery Timezone that we can nearly see from our window if it wasn’t for the storm-front of pot smoke our neighbors continually exhale.

Titled “Do I look illegal?” and running until August 4th, this is an interesting joint exhibit by two artists, Flagstaff-based artist Mike Frick and fellow tenderloiner Amelia Lewis. According to the Timezone gallery website:

Frick explores issues of recent immigration legislation from his home state of Arizona, while local artist Lewis, presents the question of whether ‘humans are the most dangerous animal in the world’.

The coolest thing about the exhibit is that Frick’s portraits of presumed illegal persons (you can see some of them in his blog here) cover not only the gallery’s walls, but the whole ceiling. Oh, and we were pretty stoked to find out that Amelia Lewis is a tried and true Tenderloin artist, as she lives on Turk at Leavenworth.

I know it seems impossible to have two different artists showing in such a small gallery, but go check it out, as much like a brothel that can double as a massage parlor, you’ll be amazed by how versatile that place is. And, it has a cute backyard which we are totally invading for a game of guerrilla soccer at some point if anyone feels like bringing along the vuvuzelas.