It’s Friday evening, which means it’s Off the Grid night at Fort Mason, a weekly gourmet food vendor market started recently to satisfy all the street food nuts. We love street food (actually, we just love food, and street food is usually affordable and tasty), but since we were too lazy to move our tenderasses from our comfy couch, we decided to wait for the “street food revolution” (as some like to call it) to reach our hood. According to several blogs and twitterers, the San Francisco Cart Project – the organizer behind Off the Grid – submitted a proposal to SF’s Parks & Rec Department seeking permits to employ food vendors in front of City Hall, in Golden Gate Park and at Mission Playground. And, wait for it, it’s been approved! Yay.

It’s been reported that “up to five carts” will park at Civic Center Plaza on Fridays, which seems hardly enough to qualify as a market. But I guess it’s better than nothing although definitely less than stupendous. We’ll be waiting impatiently while eating falafels from Liba’s truck on Tuesday and dousing our impatient boredom in booze Wednesday through Monday.