Don’t get me wrong, I hate tagging. Those effortless, thick-headed “expressions” via scribbles with a spray can are pointless and annoying. I think my building manager does a nearly daily de-tagging circuit on our building to keep it looking sharp and proper.

Now, there are other forms of graffiti that I’m sorta alright with, like the stuff that Banksy does for instance. Also, random poster postings can be kinda cool as well which brings me to the convenience store at the corner of Larkin & Geary next to Gangway. They’ve decided to give their walls a serious dosage of putty. While it’s their right to paint their place whatever they feel like, this looks like crap and it does nothing to really help out that corner which generally has more people sitting in various states of bummerage than anything else.

Also, it should be noted that prior to this was crap color being spread over everything, there were actually two rather cool posters (see below) on the walls that I liked a good deal and never seemed to attract crap graffiti. These are of course now gone, with new, blank walls ready for the constant waves of tags to wash over them. Yeehaw.