In case you haven’t noticed, Tenderloin has become a little bit fashion-y. (Just a little, don’t get too excited.) Starting at the low end, there’s spendy sneakers at HUF on Sutter and Jones, not to mention several other skate shops in the vicinity. Moving higher in the food chain, there’s Joseph Domingo on Post and Leavenworth. And then there’s Christopher Collins whom I’d never heard of until today. I’ve passed Collins’s storefront several times, but I thought it was for drag queens because of the window showed stiff gowns on 7′ tall mannequins. But apparently, Collins is hot stuff because he’s going to be on Project Runway‘s 8th season, which starts next Thursday the 29th. Hm, who knew? Oh, and while Collins must be hot as a designer, he’s also hot as a human being, yowza! Okay, Project Runway, it’s a date. I’ll be rooting for the adorable home team next Thursday.