Statement by artist Jiha Hwang:

Tetris Tenderloin is a critical video based on Josette Melchor‘s presentation at the MDP Design Dialogues conference series. Her organization, GAFFTA (Gray Area Foundation for the Arts), is a San Francisco based nonprofit dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture. their goal is to make digital culture accessible, substantive and inspiring, and help realize the greatest power of technology to bring us closer and faster.

I was deeply inspired by how Melchor and her co-workers dedicated their lives to bring Tenderloin community alive, however just by looking at those art work, I couldn’t see or feel the people of Tenderloin. Are any of them even involved?

I started to get critical about what would happen to the residents who were here first; would they continue to stay? I’m afraid to see them fast-forwarded out of the picture.

Using Tetris game as a metaphor of building a community, I left some blocks, which represent Tenderloin residents, at the bottom to begin with and Josette Melchor became a tetris player to start stacking the Tetris blocks but nothing will fit in perfectly.