We love, love, love I live here: SF, a wonderful series of portraits & stories ofy San Franciscans by the incredibly talented photographer Julie Michelle. And while it’s not very often that her beautiful subjects are photographed in the Tenderloin, we know that she has a soft spot for our neighborhood and are thrilled every time she showcases it (such as in these two stories that we’ve linked to in the past). Like in her most recent portrait of a psychologist named Bill. Here’s how Dr. Bill explains why he doesn’t own a fax machine or a cellphone:

Sometimes I’m asked to fax a report to the courthouse. Instead I have my morning espresso and walk to City Hall. San Francisco’s a small town so I usually run into one or two people that I know along the way. I pick up a newspaper (from the store, not the dispenser) and stop for breakfast: Eggs, bacon, but always fruit instead of potatoes. As I get closer to Civic Center I enjoy watching all the hustle and bustle: The self-appointed parking guides, the makeshift food trucks, the politicians, the lawyers – Especially those lady lawyers in their suits with their glasses on and their hair up. One time I ….Uhm, never mind. Then I go into the courthouse, hand in my report and chat for a few minutes with people I’ve known for years – face to face. We talk about our lives, families and travels. On the way out I stop and get a hot dog at that little stand in Civic Center Plaza and look at whatever protesters happen to be out that day.

Photo by Julie Michelle for I live here: SF

Read Dr. Bill’s full story about the end of the world on I live here: SF here, and check out his full photo shoot here.