A few days ago, Craig Newmark of Craigslist fame wrote on the Huffington Post that he is helping out St. Anthony’s with its technology lab. “The Craigslist Foundation, and me personally, are helping them with that computer lab, getting better systems and Internet connection,” Newmark wrote. “More to come…”

While we wait for more info from Newmark, there’s plenty of info online about St. Anthony’s Tenderloin Tech Lab. According to the foundation’s newsletter (PDF), the lab is “the Tenderloin’s only technology center specializing in adult computer and employment skills training designed specifically for the learning styles of adults struggling with poverty, addiction, mental health challenges or homelessness.” As much as I feel the city’s approach to homelessness is flawed, this program is one I fully support. There are few jobs nowadays that do not use technology, and being comfortable with it could be key to getting a job. Heck, I have to up my own skills every few years just to stay competitive.

St. Anthony’s newsletter says Newmark gave the Tech Lab “a gift” (I’m guessing monetary) and that the Lab desperately needs bandwidth help as well: “Our client services in the Tech Lab have increased 234%, but our bandwidth hadn’t increased in proportion.”