Since it’s Wednesday, I picked up some delicious seasonal fruits and flowers at the Civic Center’s Farmers Market (aka HOCFM). Also, the library was having a $1 book sale by their main entrance. I was in a good mood because it was sunny, but not too warm, and I walked around talking photos of the neighborhood. Contrary to popular belief, I found quite a few nice buildings to photograph as well as interesting people, none of whom had lost a shoe or were doing corner business transactions.

With those elements alone my day would have been pretty kick-ass, but what really, really, really made it truly awesome was the paella spankin’ the bratwurst with Spain beating Germany on the World Cup. Thanks to the San Francisco Recreation & Parks with America Scores and the CEO of TeacherBus, most games have been shown for free on a giant screen right in front of the City Hall. Prior to the match, I noticed most of our Twitter followers supporting Germany, against the Wine Correlation Theory and in spite of Paul the (German) Octopus’ predictions. Believe it or not, he was right and has now become a bigger celebrity in Spain than Corey Hain (Spain runs a bit behind the times.)

On Sunday, 11:30am, the final between Spain and the Netherlands will also be screened at the Civic Center. We, along with the folks you see cheering below are hoping for a repeat, should “Pulpo Paul” allow it.