A friend who is friends with flight attendants (don’t ask) told me the story about a truly obnoxious drunk woman who boarded a plane and passed out once she had personally insulted and assaulted the entire cabin crew. After slipping in to a delightful, a drunken slumber, one particularly offended flight attendant stole one of her shoes and threw it away forcing this drunken mess to stumble off the plane with one shoe. I wonder if this is a common event and if these evil flight attendants use the Loin as a dumping ground for their illicitly stolen footwear.

You see, it’s a fact that when walking around the Tenderloin you can come across the most unexpected objects abandoned on the sidewalk, especially on a weekend morning (even more after a long weekend). Shoes come up often and while you might find them still together as a pair, more often than not there will be only one–probably because the other is on the foot of someone just sobering up somewhere. While I’ve not managed to document these sightings, this photo series by Flickr user dgollub does. You can only imagine the stories behind their abandonment….

Those will be some sad, ghetto soccer games

Wild nights called, she answered, she walks funny now.

I swear that this is the choice leisure sandal for trannies everywhere in the hood.

Remember kids, running without laces not only looks dumb, but also makes you lose your Adidas.