As it is the 4th today, it’s time to think about the meaning of today which is: gettin’ drunk and makin’ noise. Noise being the most important element of the holiday for all ages, we should talk about noise in the Loin. Oh wait, someone has already done that:

This new startup called, movity is doing something novel in that they’re not just tossing together a blog with Google Maps and AdWords to call it a business. No, they’re working to analyze data by either gathering it themselves or working with what’s already there. One of these projects has resulted in Tendernoise which is a pretty damned cool analysis of noise in the Loin. You can read more of the juicy details here.

Obviously this doesn’t do squat to fix the issues of noise pollution in this town, but it does show that yes, it is freakin’ noisy here and it isn’t just the voices in your head shouting at you to get milk and sesame seed bagels the next time you go out.