As of late, 7×7 magazine has been touting their neighborhoods cover map as a poster that you, yes, you can buy! Artist Wendy MacNaughton, when not art stalking folks on Muni was the one who created it and damn if 7×7 ain’t mighty proud of it.

Okay, so the first thing that sticks out on this is the fact that the Loin is basically non-existent. I was annoyed by that and the fact that it was lumped in with North Beach (the “Spaghetti, Strip Clubs, and the best minds of my generation” neighborhood). This is nothing new as 7×7 is geographically challenged to say the least. But I’m willing to let that slide in the face of the fact that this map is insanely unapologetic in how racist it is.

First off, where are the black neighborhoods? The Loin has been rather ignored. Fillmore is just part of Lower Pacific Heights. Western Addition is non-existent. Then there’s Hunter’s Point which has no “clever” tongue in cheek comment to it and is just colored black in what I assume is some allusion to there being blacks that live there. Just awesome. Oh, what about Chinatown? No how bad it smells on market day, that’s a real, historical neighborhood of this town. I mean seriously, WTF?

I realize that 7×7’s audience (if there actually is one) is just poshy, clueless ass clowns, but still, this is pretty blatant and is more than just an oversight, but more reflection of the artist and the magazine’s views of this supposed rainbow city. It’s like this sarcastic view of San Francisco pretty much come to life. I mean, is this going to be the new flag hanging outside the 7×7 offices in their overblown “neighborhood” of Union Square? Because if so, then that so totally clashes with this season’s evening pastel fashions.