There was a bit of an injustice with the whole blogfire this last week about Hooker’s Sweet Treats While we were more than happy to say that it exists in the Tenderloin proper, for some reason a lot of folks said it was in the Tendernob. I mean, huh the what what? Hyde & Ellis are utterly and completely Loin. If this rant sounds familiar, it’s because I got my blogging undies in a wad when Pearl’s was said to be in Nob Hill.

This perception of neighborhoods is annoying to say the least. It’s like people have come to the conclusion that they’re not a physical thing, but some kind of idea that just sorta drifts when they want to paint something one color or another. And Marcia, as much as I enjoy your columns, Hooker’s is not Tendernob. Same goes for you too SF Weekly. And boo, Gourmet Walks on Chocolate for the same. But thank you SF Blotter for admitting to its Loinocity.

I mean, in all truth, for as fancy as they are, the Hilton and the Clift hotels are both in the Loin, but that’s okay. Good things can and do exist in the Loin. It’s as if people are trying to kill off the Loin by chipping away at its blocks, but much like the Meat Packing District in NYC, a neighborhood can go from being working class/down and out to being super trendy (and potentially flaming gay) while yet keeping the same name. Plunking one café on one block in another neighborhood is completely unneeded and well, is just pretty ignorant.

Obviously, this won’t really change at any point soon, but really gang, if something is in the Loin, that is mighty okay and yes, Brenda’s is in the Loin, not Civic Center while Pagolac is both in Little Saigon and Loin. Because yeah, if what you call the Loin is just the sucky blocks in the center of SF, then of course it will be pretty sucky.