It’s interesting to see how things are going in regards to the dogs in the Loin ratio. When I moved here nearly eight years ago, there were very few hounds running around. These days though, it seems like there’s a four-legged crap factory dropping off his wares for a sidewalk sale every time I go anywhere. What seems to be even cooler is the fact that they come in such a huge variety. Whereas it seems the Missionites have whatever dog is cool at the moment, people here in the Loin pair up with the whole dog range, from big to small.

I bring this up because after strolling out this evening for a burrito, I came across that guy walking the pug Dakota and Sir Barksalot. I’m sure that if you hang out at Cup-A-Joe or anywhere along the “Boulevard of Children with Artism” (formerly Sutter Street from Stockton to Leavenworth) you’ve seen him as he’s a fixture. But along the way, I also saw some kind of wolfhound, a doberman, a poodle, and a dude walking one of those fluffball dogs alongside the coolest, chubby mini dachshund I’ve ever seen and it got me thinking about these guys and how I hope my camera gets back from the shop soon so the Doggie of the Week section can really live up to its name.

So, is it just me, or are there really more dogs in the hood and if so, why now?