Autumn the Cat spends most of his time looking out a window onto the street, sometimes pausing to engage in staring death-matches with the kitteh across the street. He’s not the brightest animal, but he’s pretty nice to strangers and loves being petted on his soft little head. He likes to sleep on his back but if you try to pet his irresistibly fluffy white tummy, he’ll clamp on your hand like a Venus fly trap. Belly = off limits. Boo.

Text in pic above (in case you can’t read it) is my attempt at an American Apparel ad and says:

Meet Autumn. He’s 10 years old. Half-Siamese, half-crazy. Citizen of the world. When not hanging with his BFF Emma (behind him) he’s begging for treats, hissing at fire engines, and shedding his ridiculously fluffy white fur everywhere. He once gave my ex-boyfriend cat scratch fever. You go, Autumn.

If you want your own kitteh to love and model American Apparel for you, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.