The concept of Tenderloin, TenderNob, Civic Center and all the rest get bashed about quite a bit. So I say, why not call our own shots and put it to a vote below based on delicious, delicious color-coded maps.

Map #1: Basically in this, you see the majority of Downtown and the actual city center as being hell. I’ve even tossed in a chunk of 6th street just to have a gigantic swath to define as a no-go zone.

Map #2: Sure, the Loin is large, but maybe not as large as #1. Plus, there’s this spot called Civic Center and that’s maybe all right most of the time, because hey, it’s not Loin.

Map #3: Maybe Civic Center actually spreads a bit more up and let’s actually say that the TenderNob exists in a finite space.

Map #4: While we’re admitting to the TenderNob, maybe we should also admit to the fact that the Academy of Art has basically bought up a huge chunk of it and runs their Princess Limos along Sutter, causing massive congestion plus creating a student ghetto.

This is obviously no means definitive and if people want to chime in, in the comments, go for it. It will be interesting to see if people go for Hyper Scary (#1), Hyper Local (#4) or something in between.