So there I was, dealing with some court-y stuff and I was feeling burrito-y, wanting to check out El Castillito, but on my way, the dog beckoned. The dog on the front window of Morty’s that is. (Watch out for the music on that link.)

Naturally, I went in and had to order The Tenderloin (loinwich?) which was a pretty tight sandwich. I enjoyed the Loinic quality of the aioli with chipotle peppers on it as well as the layers of meat. The problem is that all this time, I’ve been going up to Molinari’s like a sucker. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a damned find sandwich up there and a place with a lot of character in North Beach. But this sandwich was pretty much just as a solid and it’s right here, just a few blocks from me, instead of having to wade through Chinatown on Stockton to get up to Columbus.

Anyways, I feel like a loser for only finding Morty’s now. I also feel double loser-y for not carrying my good camera with me lately and being stuck taking shots with my Old School Blackberry. Sorry about that and my apologies to Morty’s as well, since the sandwich was a helluva lot tastier than my shot below shows.