In case you haven’t walked up Post between Hyde & Larkin, there’s a big fat sign out front announcing the sale of 3 Meacham Place. Now, I love Meacham because in addition to being a cool little alley next to this this building, “meach” sounds like “peach” and “ham” sounds like “ham” meaning that it sounds like Peach Ham street, especially once I’ve been drinking and I like the sound that.

But I was curious at what #3 was in this alley and most importantly, how much this little gem costs. Well, as to the cost, that’s $1.4 million. As to what this space was, that was Voicebox Creative who I’m rather bummed to see are moving out of the neighborhood. Given that this isn’t really the best time to be selling real estate, I’m assuming that they were moving due to a slump in work, which is unfortunate as it was nice to have a design firm in the neighborhood while they were around. But, take a look at the real estate link above and see the photos. This is a mighty cool building, which will most likely not get any new kind of design firm at it, but just end up being a TIC or something.

This building really sums up what I call the Tendlet: all business downstairs and living upstairs. We have a good number of these mixed use, Tendlet buildings in the neighborhood and I’m quite happy when they stay that way because really, who wants an apartment on eye level with the sidewalk and who wants a business where people from the sidewalk can’t see it?