It’s not easy finding kittehs in the Loin to feature in this section, but a couple days ago, I was walking up Leavenworth between Post & Sutter and saw this cool looking cat down in the alley drinking from a puddle. I thought, “My but that would be a good kitteh to feature if only she wasn’t so far away for me to get a picture.” Kitteh heard and today, I was walking by again to find her up at the gate to this alley which obviously meant that it was picture time.

This cat is all love. I have no idea what she’s doing in this alley, but I think that she might be someone in the building’s cat that made a fast break out a window, down a fire escape and got stuck in the alley like an idiot–a cuddly idiot. I just hope that she’s all right and is just hanging out in the alley by day and curling up on a bed by night. If you live on Leavenworth by this alley with the set of blue-painted steps that goes way, way down and wonder where your awesome cat with the pink collar got to, she’s there, purring it up for random strangers.


After very many petting sessions with Caged Lover it finally occurred to us to check the name on her collar. It turns out this lovable lady is named Vixen.

If you want your own kitteh to love and spread the love to the whole neighborhood when you’re not at home, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.