Deep down in the heart of The Loin is, “the loin”, an underground print shop that is pressing out some mighty fine wares these days. Sometime back, we got word of this shop when they had a show at Cafe Royale. But that was just a taste, a nibble off “the loin”. To really find out what’s happening with this local guerrilla-marketed brand here in hood, I made trip down to the basement lair of “the loin” production.

As I was led down in to the printing room by Jeff, at one point I thought I was going to have to ask, “And as to The Gimp, is he currently sleeping?” I mean, unless you know where to go, you simply aren’t going to find the place and that’s how they like it, keeping the freshness only for those who know… or manage to get hooked up when they’re out selling them at various spots around town. Unfortunately, right at this very moment, online orders are offline as they’re working to spiffy up that portion of the site.

But, as time has gone on, “the loin” has branched out a bit more than just shirts. Jeff showed off his latest creations which are buttons and bottle openers. These are cool and I picked some of those up too, as well as the stickers that magically pop up around the hood. But, what I think was super cool is that he made up bottle bags for local liquor stores to hand out with purchases one night which you can see in the lead image. He went around taking shots of the boozers in the night with their “the loin” advertisements. This is one guy who knows his market and how to use it.

And of course he’s printing skate boards as well with “the loin” logo across them. If I skated, I would hit one of those as well. As it is, I have all the grace of a mule on a frozen pond, so I think I’ll stay clear for the time being.

Overall though, I just find “the loin” to be super cool as it’s starting here in this hood with what is known and Jeff feels like I do in that this neighborhood is pretty kickass, like Mission II: The Loss of Bullshit and is a place where people can actually live and start doing things while being in downtown. And what he’s doing from his basement got me thinking about the fact that I know other people working out of their basements as well, so I’d really like to open up an invite to others to share what they’ve got going on in the basement. No weird shit though because remember that I’ve got my father’s gun and a scorching case of herpes.