I have absolutely no recollection of Dim Sum Bar at 620 O’Farrell. I’ve walked by here any number of times, but I simply don’t remember this place. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the gleaming emerald beacon of yum yum that is Lahore Karahi next door, but still, is Dim Sum Bar new? No, it seems isn’t. According to the Yevil there are 128 reviews of it going back to 2008. I guess they must have remodeled or re-somethinged as it just looks new. Of course, the important thing is, is it any good? If it turns out that there is a proper dim sum place in the hood, I’m going to be stoked since not only do I not like walking up to Chinatown for dim sum, but most all of it sucks there, the one exception being Yank Sing which is wickedly expensive.