Word has come down from Grubstreet (which by the way is trying its damndest to fatten up evarels and yours truly) that a new joint called Lunch Geek has opened and is… wait for it… delicious. Of course it’s the titles that are probably the most original part of the place like the “TI 82” (which if it needs to be explained, shouldn’t be explained) or “This One Time at Band Camp” which, being a pretty solid dork myself, I understood a long, long time before American Pie rolled around. All I can say is that they should also have a cheapie bargain sandwich called, “My Lunch Money Got Stolen Again” to round out the line up.

The only problem with this is that I’m pissed. Not just because The TenderWallet is mighty thin these days, but also because I’ve never made it to Show Dogs a bit further up Market from Lunch Geek. I have such a backlog that I’m going to need to start doing some Ride-Alongs with Tablehopper whenever she dusts the Loin.