And here we are at May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. This also is the day of announcing my and evarels’s Burrito Bicycle, which is El Tesoro. Sure, once again, the Mission has superior dishes, but really, this place is solid. Damn I love the carnitas. Even the basic chicken is good. Of course, it kinda depends on when you go. If you’re there off hours (like middle of the afternoon), the flavors aren’t quite as bright and sparkly. Still, if you learn to work around these things, a beautiful burrito will await you. I just wish I’d get some free chow out of pimping them like this, but even still, I’m happy that they exist just a few blocks from home, ready to “wrap the magic”.

Surprisingly on the Yevil, they only have 18 reviews with a 4 out of 5 rating. I’d probably bump that up to a 4.5 and help myself to some extras at the salsa bar while I’m at it.

So, thanks for playing along in the excitement. If I missed a favorite of yours, feel free to add it in and I’ll do what I can to include in whatever next roundup might happen at some point in a beautiful, sour cream and guacamole-laden future.