I have a weird relationship with Cilantro. I know I’ve been here before, but I swear it wasn’t called Cilantro then. The first time I went was after a night of heavy drinking which was the one and only time a girl bought me drinks at a bar and for some reason gave me a fake name. Obviously the fact that “Sylvan” and I enjoyed beers at Hemlock led to our enjoying burritos at Cilantro later in the evening. This of course led in to the fact that despite being in a crappy relationship with a girl who was out of town at the time, I was still a delicate gentleman (read:wuss) who couldn’t close the deal with this strange drink-buying girl. That and the fact I was in my later 20’s, was really full of beer and burrito, and had a crap coming on played a great deal in to my call of fealty.

The other time I was there, I swear it still wasn’t called Cilantro and evarels and I enjoyed the burritos we had although this time I bought the drinks. Of course now I see that it has been Yelped down to a 2.5 out of 5 with 38 reviews, maybe I hit it at its peak. It does get extra points for being located across the street from Koko as anything should, tranny hooker or otherwise.