This lovely article from The Chron about a craptastic landlord on Geary got me thinking about my own rent situation and existence with almighty rent lord, Hawthorne Stone. As things go, they’re not horrible, but on certain levels, they’re not amazing either, which I think stems mainly from hiring cheap, incompetent guys to handle their maintenance.

But, something interesting happened a few months ago in that my neighbors across the hall got their annual rent increase while at the same time I got a, “Dude, we ain’t increasing it.” as their increase put them at the same amount that I’m paying. It’s an obvious sign of the times that Inglorious Stone realized they can’t charge me more than they are or I’ll split, which is definitely true given that living in the AoA DMZ has had me wanting to move to higher ground for some time now.

This of course mainly applies to those with rent control, but I’m curious though, for anyone else living in the Loin, or I guess the rest of SF, are you seeing rent increases or is it staying the same this year? Has the complete wasteland that is the job market had one silver lining in that our rents will remain a mild indigestion and not full blown food poisoning?