I saw an article on Laughing Squid about SepiaTown which is a project that uses the power of Google Maps and history for good. Basically, it overlays photos from days of yore (thus the sepia name) where they were taken on Google Maps and allows you to see a then and now comparison. Quite cool really and San Francisco is one of the first towns where they’re doing it. It just seems that most of their shots focus around the Union Square/Financial District/Nob Hill area. Hopefully this will change to include more Loin as time goes on given that a great deal of San Francisco’s history is tied up here and I’m a total history nerd. I’ve never actually made a trip to the city archives, but maybe it’s time to go and look up more photos of “St. Anne’s Valley” as the Loin used to be known and submit them as they do take user submissions at SepiaTown. A nudge-nudge, wink-wink to any readers with the initiative as well.