Seeing as how a “trend” is starting to happen in the Loin of cool, local coffee shops opening up (and by trend, I mean that farm:table came before this) it’s only fitting to see, Jebena open up at 990 Polk between Geary & Myrtle. Here’s what Tablehopper said:

Received word about a brand-new café called ~JEBENA~, serving coffee from Barefoot and loose-leaf teas, along with savory dishes like panini, soup, and salad. Since owner Kinani Ahmed is Ethiopian, he also plans to offer an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, brewing the coffee in a traditional way (this is coming soon). The Lower Polk location means it’s a good spot before or after a movie at the AMC on Van Ness, doubly so when he opens his gelato/ice cream and crêperie shop in the space flanking the café later this summer.

Haven’t made it by myself yet, but if anyone has, kick in your two cents. I’m always supporting more places brewing loose leaf tea.